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Giveaways Are NOT Dead: Sales History, The Honeymoon Period, and More

Giveaways are somewhat of a controversial topic in the Amazon seller community; every few months, sellers wonder if they even work anymore.  At VL, we run hundreds of giveaways per day, and the data says that they are absolutely still effective.  You just have to approach them differently in 2019.  Casey discusses creating foundational sales, conducting keyword research, and understanding your market before launching a giveaway – this will help skyrocket your product to success even after the launch is complete.

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PPC Campaign Structure: Pushing Units and Making Bank

In today’s episode, Casey Gauss and Viral Launch PPC aficionado Brock Brothers discuss how to set up and manage efficient PPC campaigns. From budget allocation to breakout campaigns, Casey and Brock share best practices for driving sales and ranking for both new and old products on Amazon.      

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Advanced Amazon Keyword Optimization: Science Over Art

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful Amazon strategy; it is definitely a science, not an art. This week, Casey walks you through advanced tactics and thought processes to achieve a well-optimized listing. Whether you use VL tools or not, we encourage you to take your time on this step; you will see the return in your PPC campaigns and organic sales later.

Advanced Keyword Research Video:

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12 Common Amazon Seller Misconceptions: PPC, Passive Income, and More

It’s too late to get into the Amazon ecosystem.  Or is it?

If you’re an FBA seller, you’re probably in a few Facebook groups; you know there’s a lot of conflicting advice, opinions, and tactics out there.  With our experience running over 44,000 launches and working with over 9,000 brands, we’ve gathered real data around what’s working and what’s not.  Join Casey Gauss as he debunks 12 common Amazon seller misconceptions, including keyword ranking, going out of stock, competitors, PPC automation, ACOS, giveaways, and more.  

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Why Ad Position Makes or Breaks Your PPC Campaign

For veteran PPC enthusiasts, it is well known that Google and Bing offer reporting on where your ad is delivering.  On the other hand, Amazon Advertising does not give sellers insight into their sponsored ad placement.  This metric, however, is an extremely important indicator of PPC campaign success and should be more heavily emphasized in paid strategies.

This week, Casey Gauss is joined by Brock Brothers, Viral Launch R&D Specialist.  They discuss ad position in Amazon, especially as it pertains to two different PPC strategies: profit and launch.  

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Competitor Intelligence: Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Success

Competitor Intelligence is an advanced Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool that gives you unparalleled insight into exactly how your competitors are performing. Enter a product ASIN to quickly get a massive list of their top-performing and underutilized keywords, alongside the ability to analyze and track indexation, keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, price, reviews, search volumes, notification options and more.

Join Casey as he talks about this game changing new tool and how you can use the features whether you are a new seller or scaling a 7 or 8 figure business.

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Amazon’s Most Efficient Traffic Source: Product Targeting Ads

In today’s episode, Casey Gauss is joined by Viral Launch R&D specialist, Jordan Dekker, to discuss the new product targeting capabilities for Amazon PPC.  They talk through different strategies for product targeting on Amazon, including category targeting, complementary product targeting, and competitor product targeting, and how you should be using them for your business.   

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Our Biggest Hack Yet: Significantly Boost PPC Efficiency

This week, Casey Gauss and R&D specialist, Andrew Field, dive into some updates for Amazon dynamic bidding & bid adjustments.  They also discuss a new Amazon PPC hack, discovered by Viral Launch’s R&D team.  You won’t want to miss this!

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The Future of Amazon 2019: 22 Sellers and Thought Leaders Share Their Predictions | Part 2

The Amazon space is changing quickly, and we at Viral Launch want to help you stay ahead of the competition.  So what happens next?  What can we expect in 2019?  We can’t tell the future (unfortunately), but we can use data to make informed forecasts.  In this special two-part series, Casey shared his thoughts on the future of Amazon and invited 21 experts in the Amazon space (including 6,7, and 8 figure sellers) to share their predictions for 2019. 

Who you’ll hear in Part 2: Ryan Moran, Tom Wang, Liran Hirschkorn, Cherie Yvette, Dima Kubrak, Anthony Bui-Tran, Jamie Davidson, Leo Sgovio, Nick Young, Fernando Cruz, Brock Johnson, and Brandon Young

You can also read through the predictions on our blog.

Listen to Part 1 here.

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