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Selling FDA Restricted Products: What You Need To Know

Picture this with me. You’ve found an incredible product market – an incredible niche. Search volume measures out, sales volume is PERFECT, reviews are extremely low, and you have enough capital to jump in tomorrow… So you do. You order 5000 units, ready to jump in deep. You spend a LOT getting everything ready, send your products into Amazon AND

Find out that it’s and FDA regulated product that you actually CAN’T sell without approval.

The answer to that is what we’re talking through today – something that’s pretty niche, but that you should know moving ahead with product research – FDA regulations and everything surrounding restricted products or markets.

We’re walking you through EVERYTHING you need to know concerning FDA Restricted products & categories!

Links from today’s episode:
Things FDA considers ‘dangerous’:
Professional HCP Permitted Products:
FDA New Dietary Ingredient:

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Label & Package Design // Enhanced Brand Content // Infographics & MORE | Rebecca Ramos

Photos. Reviews. Price. Launch Strategy. PPC. Listings. They all MAKE or BREAK your success on Amazon… But What about Design? 

In this episode, I’m talking with Rebecca Ramos – A designer whose been with Viral Launch since the EARLY days. We’re breaking down what design means for you as a SELLER. What you need to know about Design in general, but also how to develop a great label design; how to create a great package design. We’ll touch on labels, packaging, enhanced brand content, essential aspects of design, and so much more. There’s a LOT to unpack here!

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Is Private Label Dead?

Is Private Label dying? Is it dead? Or…Is it just changing? Questions have been circulating through the Amazon Seller space over the past couple months. A lot of people are saying ‘yes’ to this question. We wanted to give our insight on the subject. This episode is raw audio, breaking down our answer to the question of whether Amazon Private Label is dead or not. I really want you all to give your input on the subject – it doesn’t even have to be a direct response to this video, it could just be your thoughts on whether Private Label is dead or not. Stay through to the end to get the number to call, and head to Facebook to share. I’d love to feature some of your thoughts on the subject.

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5 Amazon Sourcing Mistakes Sellers Are Making | Elena Saris

Manufacturing and Sourcing is an INCREDIBLY important subject for optimizing the sales process of your Amazon storefronts. There are certain steps that you need to implement in your Seller processes. Oftentimes, however, Sellers aren’t even aware of the fact that they don’t have all of the necessary steps in place. Sellers miss out on thousands of dollars, or miss out on time invested, because they weren’t aware of one small step they could take — or because there’s something else they could be doing that will save them hundreds of hours down the line. This doesn’t just apply to sourcing and manufacturing processes on Amazon… but that’s our focus for today.

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Q4 Selling Strategy: Viral Launch &

Q4 is already here. Are you prepared? In this episode of Follow The Data, Cameron talks through essential dates to take into consideration for your Q4 strategy, as well as how to launch your product to capture increasing sales. We also brought onto the show to talk through manufacturing/sourcing strategy. also has some deals in store for our listeners! Tune in, take note of those dates and strategy, and get ready for Q4. 

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50th Episode: Casey Gauss Exclusive // What’s Next For Viral Launch & Amazon

EPISODE 50! We wanted to make something SPECIAL for our 50th official episode of Follow The Data. All of this episode was created as such a huge ‘thank you’ to all of our listeners. We brought Casey back on to touch on where Viral Launch is now, where we’re headed in the future, and what to expect from the Amazon Seller Space currently and in the future. Who knows, if you listen in, you might even get insight into what Viral Launch is releasing next 😉 

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Seller Strategy Series | Tom Wang: Increasing Sales, Brand Development & Successful Mindsets

The goal of this series is to talk through high-level Seller Strategies from Amazon Sellers who are killing it in the CURRENT Selling Game. We’re talking through what they’re doing to scale their business: What’s currently working, what’s NOT working, where underpriced attention is, where you should be investing your time, and where Amazon is headed in general.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Tom Wang, a Seller of his own who’s been implementing a lot of high-level strategy and is VERY in-tune with what other sellers are going through. Part of what we talk about in this episode involves developing a healthy entrepreneurial / Amazon-oriented mindset. Let’s dive in.

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2 Product Research Mistakes A LOT Of Amazon Sellers Are Making

The Amazon Space is FULL of information. The entire Seller Ecosystem is extremely unique, full of perspective, experience, data, competition, and everything in-between. Our goal is to simply put out TRUTH – facts, advice, and information backed by data. When we see Sellers walking down a path that leads to failure, we try to step in, and point people back on the right track. And that’s what we’re doing today. We’re breaking down what two HUGE mistakes Sellers are making when it comes to Product Research, and how to research markets correctly. 

Today, we’re breaking down two huge Amazon product research mistakes.

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Seller Strategy Series | Liran Hirschkorn: ‘Killing It’ On Amazon

It’s easy to get stuck in ruts as an Amazon Seller. When trying to do everything alone, not only do you feel like you don’t have anyone that can relate to what you’re going through, but you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. Without others to process with, ideas stagnate, sales slow, and your full potential can’t be reached. We’re changing that with this Series. This episode is the start of a periodic series we’re starting to pull out Seller Strategies from Amazon Sellers who are killing it in the CURRENT Selling Game. We’re talking through what they’re doing to scale their business: What’s currently working, what’s NOT working, where underpriced attention is, where you should be investing your time, and where Amazon is headed in general.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Liran, a Seller who’s been in the game for a LONG time, and has successfully established himself as an Amazon Entrepreneur. There is a LOT of practical knowledge and strategy you’ll be walking away with. No Seller should feel like they’re alone in the process of Amazon. The goal of this is to mitigate that feeling of loneliness or stagnation. Let’s get started.

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5 Data-Based Listing Optimization Tips | Using Data To Improve Your Amazon Listing

Keyword Matter. YOU matter. How you USE a keyword MATTERS. Placement, frequency, plurals, hyphens – there are so many intricacies to keywords and listing optimizations on Amazon, and it’s INCREDIBLY important to get them all right. Getting it right means you’ve checked that box off your list – that you can now focus on improving and implementing changes across other mediums. Getting it wrong means you’ll be fighting an uphill battle until it DOES get fixed. In this episode, we’re breaking down 5, updated, data-driven, data-based simple tips to improve your listing optimizations. These are insights that you can take, and instantly go and implement. We’ve seen conversions increase from following these. So listen in, take notes, and take action. Let’s get started.


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