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Election Day 2020: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Election Day: "I voted" stickers for voters

Take a break to get out to your local polling place on this Election Day.

At Viral Launch, we strive to provide new and existing Amazon sellers with data that enables them to make informed, intelligent decisions. This Election Day, we encourage Americans to take a break in their busy day to make the smart decision of exercising their Constitutional right to vote.

Not only is voting your civic duty, it’s your power! It’s your voice! Voting Is an essential and foundational aspect of a well-functioning democracy. With this in mind, we urge everyone to get to the polls to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

If you have questions on if you’re registered, where to vote, or how to vote, you’re not alone! For this reason, resources like Vote.org exist to help you find those answers, alongside personalized voting information to inform and empower you on Election Day.

Ultimately, our democracy is at its strongest when every voice is heard. Today’s the day to speak and determine the leaders in our schools, cities, states, and country to forge better tomorrows.

Finally, let’s exercise our right to vote, be kind to our neighbors, and make our world a better place this election day!

Cameron Stewart

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