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Space Camp: Better than a Conference

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If you’re involved in any of the online Private Label Amazon Seller communities (i.e. social media groups, podcasts, forums boards, etc.) chances are you’ve heard of or attended an e-commerce or Amazon conference.

An Amazon conference can be a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field, network, and discover what tactics other are utilizing to achieve success. If you have attended such an event, you know that to pull the most valuable information out of the experience, you have to sift through a deep and varied pool of presentations. Much of the information at an Amazon conference can be on topics that you are already well versed in or pertain to sellers in retail arbitrage. While this information can be interesting, it may not relate to you specifically as a private label seller. Additionally, you invest a lot of money on travel, accommodations, and tickets; get flooded with all kinds of information; and are then left to your own devices to apply this new information to your own Amazon business.

The Viral Launch team has attended multiple Amazon conferences. They’re a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the Amazon seller community, network, and learn about industry trends and seller concerns. However, we have noticed a limited emphasis on the unique techniques and problems of the private label seller and have since come to realize that there is a need for a different kind of experience.

While all the major e-commerce conferences are thinking bigger–more attendees, more speakers, more expensive programs–we’ve decided to think smaller. What can we do to benefit the individual private label seller? What can we do to provide information that is 100% relevant to your Amazon business? How can we help sellers dramatically improve their business and walk away with a tailored strategy and deliverables for success?

Out of these questions we developed the Viral Launch Private Label Space Camp.

The New Frontier of Amazon Seller Conferences:

Unlike any other seller experience currently available, our Space Camp is catered to your business specifically. Instead of a large, annual Amazon conference, we will be hosting three sellers per month, inviting them to Viral Launch Mission Control in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Instead of sitting through speeches that may or may not relate to you as a seller, you will sit in with two other sellers in forum discussions and Q&A sessions where you can have your specific questions answered and your specific concerns discussed by Amazon experts responsible for running over 15,000 product launches and building some of the most successful private label brands on Amazon.

You’ll have the opportunity to sit down with our industry recognized CEO to discuss your business and identify the strategy and tactics you need to take your business to a whole new level.  

Instead of sitting in a large group, you will have ample one-on-one time with our team to discuss strategies to grow your Amazon business.

Perhaps most importantly, in addition to leaving with a customized strategy on how to improve your business, you will consult with our expert coaches, photographers, and copywriters who will rework a listing for you free of charge!

What makes our Private Label Space Camp truly unique is that rather than having a few industry experts talk to a large group of Amazon sellers, you will have a whole team of industry experts who will talk to you and work with you and your business specifically.

How the camp works:

The day will start with our 3 sellers arriving at Mission Control for a breakfast meet-and-greet, and introductory discussion where you will be able to introduce us to the specific product you’re working with and ask our experts any initial questions you may have.

From there, we will move into one-on-one workshops with our coaches, copywriters, and photographers. You will be able to discuss your product and brand, have your questions answered, and learn about what goes into a quality listing.

Workshops will include:

  • Listing Optimization
  • Photography
  • Review Boosting Email Followup
  • Split-Testing
  • Promotional Launches
  • Product Validation

In addition you will be afforded the opportunity to see how Viral Launch is building new tools to make you a more efficient seller, discuss your individual concerns, and consult with our experts on improving your listing.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included and there will be opportunities throughout the day to further talk with members of our team as well as your fellow sellers.

What you get:

The Viral Launch Space Camp is not just about discussing what goes into creating a quality listing. After consulting with our team, you will receive product photography, a full listing optimization, and review boosting email campaigns with management. You will also receive a free promotional launch, access to our split testing and product validation tools, and long term access to our personal coaches.

This one-of-a-kind seller experience will facilitate your questions, concerns, and needs as an Amazon seller. Return home with tangible benefits, like a professionally produced listing to help you sell your product more effectively.

How to Enroll:

With a limit of 3 sellers per session, our Private Label Space Camp attendees are selected through an application process. If we think you’ve got what it takes and are serious about improving your private label business, we will contact you about next steps.

If approved, admission for the camp is $5,000 and will include a full day of one-on-one access to our team, masterminding sessions with other high level sellers, and a suite of listing services. Travel and lodging not included.

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