Why Ad Position Makes or Breaks Your PPC Campaign

Why Ad Position Makes or Breaks Your PPC Campaign

For veteran PPC enthusiasts, it is well known that Google and Bing offer reporting on where your ad is delivering.  On the other hand, Amazon Advertising does not give sellers insight into their sponsored ad placement.  This metric, however, is an extremely important indicator of PPC campaign success and should be more heavily emphasized in paid strategies.

This week, Casey Gauss is joined by Brock Brothers, Viral Launch R&D Specialist.  They discuss ad position in Amazon, especially as it pertains to two different PPC strategies: profit and launch.  

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  1. Brent said:

    What browser is the best way to check your PPC position with? I get different results if I use Chrome vs Chrome Igognito. Thanks!

    February 15, 2019
    • Hi Brent, it’s very relative! Amazon uses cache data so sometimes results are a bit different through your account based on their algorithms reviewing your activity. Any time a keyword is searched, essentially a mini auction occurs to determine the placement of ads. Depending on the volume of searches and the activity, it’s definitely possible that ad positions will shift around a little bit. Incognito is neutral but most people will not be searching in incognito mode, meaning that every shopper is going to have different cache data which influences results.

      February 15, 2019

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