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They’ll Hand You Debt-Free Cash To Fund Your Next Amazon Product Inventory


Don’t pay it back until your Amazon inventory begins selling

Maybe this happened to you…

Or you know someone affected by this.

But if you keep reading you’ll learn how you can stop an epidemic Amazon sellers face.

It all starts when a product flies off the Amazon warehouse shelves and into the grubby hands of buyers.

Excited by all the cash flow, the seller realizes they must have Amazon inventory.

No problem… right?

They can funnel the new money into their Amazon inventory.

Sure… they could do that, but this seller wants to expand their business and offer more products instead of buying more Amazon inventory.

There’s not enough money to pay for inventory and then source a new product.

So they forgo the new product and focus on what’s making them money. Their cash goes into inventory.

They maintain what’s working, instead of sourcing to grow… their hope is to source that product in the future.

But a competitor discovers the same product potential. They source and sell on Amazon to gain the competitive advantage.

The seller who so desperately desired to source that same product yells out, Oh [insert your choice expletive here]!!!

A fortune lost because the cash wasn’t there.

But what if I told you this didn’t have to be?

Here’s how you fund your Amazon inventory

Instead of cash flow problems, investors are eager to hand you thousands of dollars so you can source and sell that product.

Sounds expensive… doesn’t it?

Like you’ll have to go into debt and pay back thousands of dollars so these investors can maintain their rich and lavish lifestyle.

Or that you’ll have to pitch your product idea to a group of investors like on the Shark Tank.

shark tank kevin viral launch amazon inventory

But it’s nothing like that.

This is a crowdfunded platform just for you, the Amazon seller.

Investors could be your next-door neighbor, your relatives, friends, or someone with billions.

You don’t pay back investors until your product starts selling on Amazon.

And investors love this platform as they can generate a 10% return on their investment in six months.

That’s faster than the stock market, which, as Warren Buffett points out, will only rise between 6–7% a year.

You can fund your inventory in as little as a day or two… just please be prepared to buy that inventory when the money rolls in.

Your information is private. Investors only see your:

  • First name
  • Product category
  • Total 12 months of Amazon sales
  • Return to investors
  • Amount to raise
  • Past total feedback and reviews
upfund dashboard amazon inventory
Recently closed campaign

It doesn’t matter what type of Amazon seller you are (Private Label, Wholesale, Arbitrage) you can get funded.

This all sounds too good to be true now, doesn’t it?

But it’s not… it’s a real platform to assist you in raising the capital necessary for your next successful Amazon product.

If you’re tired of watching all the other sellers making money hand over fist on Amazon, then it’s time to grab your inventory to start making fat cash.

What do you have to lose?

Head over to UpFund for your quick and painless decision you’ll receive in minutes.

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