Have Products in Mind But Need to Check Their Markets?

If you’re at the stage where you have product ideas in mind, you may feel nervous about jumping into the market. Or maybe you feel really confident but haven’t actually done your due diligence to research the product market. Either way, before you place an order for inventory, it’s important to know how much you can expect to sell and how difficult it will be to compete.

What is Market Intelligence?

Check out this quick overview of Market Intelligence to better understand the questions that the tool helps to answer.

Now that you know what Market Intelligence is, you can start using it.

Market Intelligence Tutorial

Watch this brief tutorial with Amazon Expert Cameron Yoder to see just how to use Market Intelligence to do your market research.

Market Intelligence is different than other market research tools, providing the most accurate sales projections and historical trends.

The Most Important Metric for Your Market Research

Market Intelligence looks closely at the ROI metric, or sales-to-review ratio, for a market to give you a good sense of how competitive the market is.

Find out exactly what the ROI metric is and why it matters in this blog post.

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