How to Find the Character Limits for your Listing in Seller Central

To find your character limits, you must have an active Seller Central account and have set up the product(s) you are planning to list. Once in Seller Central, follow the navigation below:

  1. Under the Inventory tab, select Manage Inventory.

character limits manage inventory amazon seller central

  1. On the far, right-hand side, click Edit for the product that the optimization is for.

character limits edit product amazon seller central

  1. In the Vital Info Tab, hover over the “i” icon beside Product Name to see your title character limit.

character limits product title name amazon seller central

  1. In the Description tab, hover over the “i” icon beside Key Product Features to see your bullet point character limit.

character limits key product features bullet points amazon seller central

If you are still having trouble finding your character limits, feel free to email a Seller Coach for support at [email protected].



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